Sorry we have been a bit quiet recently, its been a hectic fortnight!!

Unfortunately, due to personal differences within the band, our vocalist Kyle and our keyboard player Seb have decided to leave us. This is a huge setback for us, and we thought we might have to pull out of the gigs this weekend. Amazingly, we have managed to find a stand-in vocalist for the two gigs this weekend! Niall Kersey, vocalist from The Stone Angels, is doing us a huge favour and stepping in last minute for our two gigs, The Volunteer tomorrow, and the Phoeonix Benefit on Saturday.

We have only managed to rehearse twice with him since he agreed to do it on Saturday, but we have still managed to get a good length set together, and it will be a good night tomorrow!

In terms of a new permanent vocalist, we have spent the day doing auditions, and we will have an announcement on that over the weekend! All we are saying is that we are super excited about it, and watch this space! 
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