Album Cover
Scott Free
Released: May 16, 2015
Track Listing
1 Intro (feat. Jon Borthwick)
2 Rise
3 Burlesque
4 Off Scott Free
5 By the Gun
6 Solar Winds
7 Revolution
8 Gunslinger
9 Big City Blues
10 Shake
11 Fall
12 Funk Machine

Liner Notes

Scott Free formed in 2012 in a rehearsal room in Lewes, East Sussex. We started playing covers in a few local pubs and eventually moved into writing our own material, starting with Big City Blues. With a few line up changes, the band as it is today formed in the summer of 2014; Page, Gibson, Hernon, Bowman.

After a few months playing together all over southern England, we were approached by Yellow Fish Recording Company, who offered to record our debut album live. We took a week long trip to a remote cottage in the hills of Wales to write a lot of the album, coming out with new songs, including "Solar Winds", "Shake", "Rise" and "Fall".

This album was recorded at The Elelphant and Castle in Lewes, where we had our live debut with our current singer, Jack Page.

Recorded and mixed by Robert Francis

Assistant mixing and mastering by Daniel Crook

Executive producer Ross McCracken

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